Monday, 23 May 2011

AVG Antivirus Latest Version

AVG 9 and AVG 10 - are very much needed protection for your computer, let alone an always online Internet do not let your computer got a virus via the Internet. Therefore, AVG Antivirus avg released the latest version after release of AVG 9 present in this year's re-AVG AVG released the latest version of AVG 10. Avg has been trusted to be able in the protection of your computer, especially when the online internet.AVGWhere is the latest AVG antivirus antivirus program created by AVG Technologies. Prior named AVG Technologies, a company called Grisoft. And has become a favorite anti-virus that is widely used by computer users to protect computers from virus attacks irresponsible. Some of the advantages provided by this latest AVG LinkScanner that serves to scan the related links while browsing in cyberspace. Link Scanner usually works fine on Mozilla Firefox browser and Internet Explorer.

In addition, the excess is the availability of AVG Anti-Rootkit features, speed scanning systems and much more keunggulanya. Antivirus AVG compatible to Windows operating systems, from Windows XP, Windows Vista, to Windows 7 that will protect your computer from a variety of viruses, spyware, and other. 2011 avg latest update can be done by way of an update avg avg update online and offline. To update the virus terbarupun online can be done by downloading via the Internet on a regular basis to determine the virus growth erbaru in cyberspace. but if you want to update avg offline you must download the update files avg.

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