Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sheila Marcia Foto Nakal and Hot

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Sheila Marcia back throwing a tantrum with Sheila Marcia hot poses photo and posted on an online forum with the title "Sheila Marcia naughty pictures. " Sheila Marcia hot photo is now being investigated and the truth of the image is also a journalist does not go stop to find information about the photos being circulated is hot.

Here are firm, when contacted Juan Ferry detikhot by phone, "it Udahlah past, do not have to tilt-lever again, we do not have to look for shortcomings in its past. " Ferry to provide information if the photos were admitted meamng Sheila Marcia with her ​​friends. Akn but does not intend or deliberately to publish photo Sheila Marcia was naughty.

With a circulation of hot photos Marcia Sella, it makes for Sheila Marcia attack, which reportedly has been engaged to Sheila Marcia Canonball drummer Kiki Mirano and will be married April 29, 2011 in Bali. In one photo, Sheila posing with another man who held the hips Sheila Marcia from behind. Meanwhile, in another photo, the mother of one child seemed to pose with two girlfriends with hot poses.

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