Friday, 8 April 2011

Sheila Marcia | Foto Nakal dan Hot

World celebrities on hebohkan with the emergence of photographs that pose challenging Sheila Marcia, and make rumors less exciting for Sheila Sheila Marcia remember soon to be married in April 29, 2011 in Bali, where Sheila was engaged to drummer Kiki Canonball Mirano.Sheila Marcia, foto Sheila Marcia, foto nakal Sheila MarciaAccording to one close friend named Sheila Marcia ferry Juan said that indeed the image is really Sheila Marcia, but Sheila Marcia hot photo is believed to have gone a long time and this time Sheila Marcia photos with friends in one pub in Jakarta. Photo Hot Sheila is seen a man not known to pose hot holding Sheila Marcia abdomen from behind. And a photo of both when Sheila Marcia with her new friends to sit together with a challenging pose and hot.

Many question who said that indeed the image is published to boost career Sheila Marcia unruk an increasingly dim after he was exposed to criminal matters first. But maybe this is all just a mere rumor, the following explanation of Sheila Marcia ferry named Juan, he said: "Udahlah the past, do not have to tilt bob up and down again, we do not have to look for shortcomings in the past".

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