Sunday, 30 January 2011

AntiVirus Smadav 2011 Versi 8.4

 smadav 2011 , smadavDownload Smadav 2011Smadav 2011 the latest was released in 2011 with version 8.4 with the main improvement is the engine scanner, quarantine feature, key rgistration protection, error handling, and much more. Among othersSmadav 2011 Rev. 8.4 Detection of specific features for some of the latest shortcut virus (MSO-sys, fanny-bmp), the addition of 40 new virus database, enhanced shortcut detection of all variants of the virus, the addition of heuristic techniques.

Smadav 2011 It was released to the public once perfected and tested for a month more in the lab SmadAV, so it can be regarded as the best current antivirus besides Antivirus Norton Utilities and McAfee Antivirus.

Here are some features that are improved and that makes antivirus smadav rev 8.4 is more superior than other antivirus:
• Completion of the Registration Key protection to prevent piracy
• Quarantine is much more perfect and the added feature Encryption
• Additional database and thoroughly cleaning the latest local virus 100
• The main engine has been refined so much more stable, fast, and accurate
• Heuristic techniques to detect new viruses without needing a database VBS
• new heuristic techniques to detect the virus shortcut
• Bug / failed to restore files from quarantine when the path to a file already in use another file
• Bug / crashes in some circumstances when SmadAV active as a guest on Windows XP
• Bug / fail to explore the folder if folder name has a comma (,)
• Adding the fix all in the form minimized
• The position coordinates of the form / window will be saved when exit SmadAV
• Able to display Unicode MessageBox
• SmadAV would advise you to do a Full Scanning after cleaning the infection
• Keys to display smadav.log after scanning
• SmadAV had to write Smadav.log in Unicode or ANSI text
• Bug fixes / fail display and remove a few buttons on the Scanner in certain circumstances
• Completion of the form looks like in some parts
• Completion of the features of the message and exit on the form minimized
• Virus Detection Alman, Conficker and Virus Fusion
• Improved False Positive on heuristics VBS
• Detection of EICAR Test File (international virus testing standards)
• Cleanup completed a new Local Virus: Virus AlbumBokep, Deadlock, Fullhouse
• On Smadav 2011Code (API) faster for reading command line processes VBS virus

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