Sunday, 30 January 2011

Each has the display on the iPhone is finally at Verizon Wireless

Each has the display on the iPhone is finally at Verizon Wireless. With the announcement of Apple and Verizon welcomed the fact that V Grand Alliance of the Big Apple with a bite, so it is great. What makes it even better is the plan, Verizon offers for the quarter iPhone

That was the plan from AT & T iPhone data needed to cancel $ 30 per month, but decided a few months ago and AT & T, to the planning and the use of $ 15 per month and $ 25 per month. But with the iPhone are Verizon and Verizon offers unlimited data, AT & T, their plans and return data of unlimited data plan to reconsider if you want to keep your customers with an iPhone.

Rumors that the client changes the unlimited package, but the plan the possibility of return is limited. If you wonder whether you are eligible for updating the plan, go to / wireless account and click "Properties" and see if the plan is unlimited. Nothing has been confirmed, but it is the truth in a backup. Not as a call with AT & T's? Knowing that, enterprises and customers lost 10th February?

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