Friday, 21 January 2011

MSNBC has sporting chance after Comcast takeover

The FCC has approved Comcast's takeover of NBC Universal. The US$30 billion deal will give Comcast 51% of the company, while GE will retain 49%.

As the largest American cable TV provider, Comcast is more concerned with acquiring NBCU's profitable cable outlets rather than its struggling broadcast network.

Comcast will try to become even more competitive, which could mean re-thinking MSNBC. The network began as a venture with Microsoft but slowly devolved into a shouty, left-leaning circus.

The solution? A new sports network to compete with ESPN's monopoly. Keith Olbermann began as a sportscaster and would be able to help his colleagues through the transition.

Think of all the new programming possibilities ... On second thought, maybe they should just stick to news.

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