Thursday, 13 January 2011

10 Water for health benefits

Water has many important roles in maintaining a healthy body, here are the health benefits of water

1. Treat and prevent various diseases. The human body must maintain balance pH (about 7.35 to 7.45). Unfortunately for us the wrong diet causes your body is acidic. The human body is acidic it is the source of various diseases. Water works to balance the pH of our body. With pH levels tepatpenyeerapan oxygen into our bodies perfectly, so the energy in the body are also higher and the immune system so it's better in the face of illness.

2. Body Temperature: The majority of the human body consists of fluids, and fluid is a role in regulating body temperature. As seen when sweating, the body releases sweat when the heat to reduce excess heat in the body, thereby reducing high body temperature. All body temperature regulation such as this is done and rely on existing water intake in our body.

3. Metabolism: Water serves as Conductor of oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other substances to various parts of the body and into the media in eliminating mild poison, dead cells, and dirt on the body, etc.. In addition, proteins and enzymes needed in several important processes in the body also needs water to function properly.

4. Breathing: The breathing, the water serves to deliver oxygen throughout the body and take carbon dioxide to be collected and issued in the form of water vapor.

5. Constipation, a burning sensation in the stomach, migraine, inflammation and infection of the stomach: These diseases arise related to the lack of water intake on the body. These diseases can be prevented by consuming enough water and regular.

6. Kidney Stone: According to the International Institute for Kidney Stone Research, to prevent kidney stones required water consumption of 2 liters or 10 glasses of water each day. This is because water is the best solvent that will not allow salt and other minerals accumulate and form kidney stones. The content of salt in the kidneys will be parsed by the water and excreted through the urine.

7. Cardiovascular Disease: Water may prevent the development of cardiovascular disease in the body. Because, the water can keep the blood viscosity and plasma, as well as launching the distribution of fibrinogen in the body. Therefore, adequate hydration is recommended, so that components can work a maximum vasukler.

8. Painful Joints: Bones joints in the human body is particularly vulnerable to friction and damage caused by climate. This can be prevented by consuming adequate water. Due to inadequate water consumption can lead to joint pain in your body.

9. Low Back Pain: The back of the human body depends on the spinal cord. While the spine is largely composed of water, therefore it is not surprising that not enough water consumption can trigger back pain.

10. Osteoporosis: According to research conducted by the Linus Pauling Institute, adequate water consumption can reduce the risk of the body affected by osteoporosis and fractures.

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