Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Importance of insurance education in the future

Thousands of students every year are forced to leave school and could not continue their education to higher levels. The main reason that they put forward, always a matter of cost.

Based on data from the Sampoerna Foundation (SF), about 72 percent of children who drop out of school due to lack of educational costs (economy). Other factors that also be the cause of school dropouts is a factor of a broken home of his parents, lack of interest of the child to continue their education as well as environmental factors.

But the economic factor is the main reason many students and parents to not continue their education their child. Especially now, before school entry, parents are always faced with the issue fee is required for school entry fees such as registration fee (registration), SPP, BP3, buy textbooks and school supplies the children whose amount reached millions of dollars.

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