Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Joanna Krupa doing anything sexy

Apparently Joanna’s stints on Dancing With The Stars and The Superstars haven’t translated well into getting any ‘good’ jobs. Shocking. And as anyone who is a regular here knows, that’s a good thing. For us.So it was nice that she took time out of her busy schedule to head to a very cold Miami Beach and do some posing in a bikini

Get A Bikini Body - Don't Go On a Diet. Change Your Lifestyle

When you ask the question: "How to get a bikini body?" Did you know that one of the most significant errors which females make when making an attempt to get a bikini body is stating to themselves that they are going to go on a diet plan to do it. I cannot stress enough, how much this can have an impact on the results which you get in your quest.

Psychology is a significant consideration when trying to achieve ANY goal in life and fat loss targets are no different. The things you are stating to your self in your head are a major factor in how successful you are going to be.

Going on a diet regime sets you up for failure from the get go! Why? Consider this. When you "go on" something, then at one time or another you are going to "come off" that thing. You are already telling your self that the changes you are making to your eating and exercise habits are not a long lasting thing and so you may have short term success, but then when you "come off" the diet regime you have yourself on you will probably subconsciously go back to your old ways because your mind is telling you that you have finished what you had been doing.


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