Monday, 17 January 2011

Lagu Gayus Tambunan | andai aku gayus tambunan

Download andai aku gayus tambunan – Sapa is not familiar with the song titled Bona Paputungan “andai aku gayus tambunan”. Where is it on Youtube now much sought after keyword download the song if I Gayus Tambunan.

Gayus Tambunan song because the song was sped famous Gaius into controversy as well as songwriter, singer song if I Gayus Tambunan get terror or threat by an unknown party, where the download is the subject of conversation among netters warm enough, the songs on bring the Bona Paputungan

Here is a sample song if I Gayus Tambunan from youtube:

However, because of Gayus Tambunan song titled "if I Gayus Tambunan" now two journalists in the province of Gorontalo, police checked the related acts of terror that struck the author as well as the singer of the song "If I were Gaius" named Bona Paputungan. Sunday 18 January 2011, Reuters Contributors Gorontalo region, Irfan Lussa and Contributors Metro TV, Andrea Arnold was examined this morning

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