Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Plywood and Finir

With the increasing development of technology nowadays people tend to make wood products more targeted by using raw wood to plywood that is very useful in various fields of wood use in general and human life in particular. Plywood is a board made of a certain size which is made of some odd number of layers finir fitted with fiber direction perpendicular to each other intersect, then glued together at high pressure with a special adhesive for their intended use plywood.

Finir is a thin sheet of wood from 0.24 mm to 6:00 mm, which is obtained from cutting (stripping), mountain wood of certain species, aims and objectives finir and plywood manufacture is to obtain a wide-sized boards. In addition to:

* Conserve the use of wood

* Utilizing the types of low value timber

* Increase strength and improve the quality of wood with wood decorative aspect beautify

Plywood with three layers called a triplex or three-ply, 5 ply (5 ply), layer 7 (ply 7), 9 ply (9 ply). Layer 5 and the rest is also called multiplex or multiply.

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