Monday, 17 January 2011

Video Hantu Baju Merah Sukabumi Youtube

Ghost sightings Videos Youtube Sukabumi red shirt this sukabumi area residents sukabumi make an uproar, in which the video is the ghost kid in the red dress that shows itself in a rocking chair. Where is the red ghost video sukabumi can be downloaded on youtube with search keywords “download video hantu merah sukabumi”.

But what a gaffe is when a child ghost red shirt menampakakn yourself look like a video edits and no video delay when sukabumi the red ghost sightings. Allegedly this video was deliberately made just for video ghost sukabumi issue. And you can give his own assessment of whether the video is genuine or fake, in a video that lasted about 5 minutes of video results sukabumi the red ghost sightings.

And the end of the video where ghost sightings in the red dress in this sukabumi we can see a ghost who is sitting on her door mengeleng his head. For the curious, please see video hantu baju merah sukabumi dibawah ini:

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