Friday, 25 February 2011

AVG Download | AVG Antivirus Terbaru 10.0

avg , avg antivirusAVG update – AVG is one antivirus that can be relied upon to maintain the security of your computer and bold compared to other antivirus software, such as for example: antivirus smadav, kaspersky, etc.. Especially for users or user has a facility AVG antivirus download antivirus AVG along with its latest AVG Update. AVG is known as a free antivirus and many used mainly by computer users due to AVG antivirus update system that quickly and automatically updates every release of several security systems for the virus - new virus.

Fitus provided by AVG, among others, is AVG Anti-Virus Protection Social Networking. This feature will help you to scan all the links (links) that exist on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and give ratings on that link if it is safe or not. AVG Anti-Virus 10.0 is equipped with the Smart Scanning AVG features that can help in the scanning process so as not to slow your computer during the scan or in other words AVG Smart Scanning will work when the computer is idle and then work on low-priority mode when using your computer.

For the 10.0 version of AVG was able to dominate several other local antivirus. And also AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 10.0 has also featured PC Analyzer. Where features of the PC analyzer is used to scan the Windows registry and hard to find errors on the disk. Besides Tiu, PC Analyzer also has another tool that is broken shortcuts disk defragmenter and cleaner. However, in this free version of AVG Anti-Virus is unable to repair the detected errors. These features are present only in the paid version of AVG Antivirus AVG Internet Security as a feature type AVG pro.

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