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Tips to Get a Date This Valentine's Day

Are you under pressure this coming heart's day? Are you still single and doesn't have anyone to be with? Do you want to get a date before the time of cupid comes? Well you are not alone. There are lots of men around that still don't have anyone to take out for a date on this coming month. It is rather pressuring and embarrassing at the same time - knowing that your friends have plans while you're just sitting at the corner of your workplace desperately thinking "I want a date". Well, I can't blame you for being unhappy. It is really frustrating when you stroll on malls without anyone who holds your hand or holds you in your arm.

If you know the effective moves to get the interest of women, then you'll never be alone on this coming heart's day. Honestly speaking, I want a date too, but here's for you first.

Improve your appearance.

If today you look good, tomorrow you must look great. Physical appearance is the first thing women notice most of the time. Be fit. Have some workout. It's time for you to live a healthy lifestyle. It benefits not only your goal to have a date, but yourself as well. Have a proper hygiene and wear perfume. Women are attracted to men with good smell. Thinking about "I want a date" takes you to enhancing your features first.

Make her smile.

If a woman often smiles with everything you do or for the efforts you give, then perhaps she'll be easier to ask out on a date. Tell her some interesting stories in order for you to make her feel like she'll never be bored whenever she's with you or even think that she'll just waste her time with you.

Make her feel that you care.

Women love it when someone expresses thoughtfulness for them. It is indeed warming to know that someone cares. Ask her what she's up to for the day or what she wants to do so you can offer help. Pay attention to every word she says. If something is bothering her, you may ask her. If she doesn't want to talk about it, respect her. I am a woman so I know. When I want a date, I don't just ask a guy out. I show signs that I like him, but I do not tell him directly. He's the guy so he must be the one to ask me out. So if you really like her, ask her out.

Make sure that you're not doing this just to fulfill your purpose.

"I want a date" - this is what you're aiming for, but never use women just to satisfy yourself. Women have to be respected simply because they are women. Make sure that you're not using her. If you want a date, make sure that you really like her. Choosing a woman on an impulse will eventually be a burden to you. So be certain with what kind of girl you like. It would be great if you'll ask someone you already know.

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