Thursday, 24 February 2011

Foto Hamil Mulan Jameela

WEEK yesterday, comes news that Mulan Jameela gig at a place that seemed to cover the belly.

The photo was taken from the December issue of the magazine China Town ago. At issue was the middle of a gig Mulan information obtained in Sun City, Central Jakarta, on 11 November.

We immediately contacted China Town, to get the photographs that make a scene the web last weekend.
In addition to the tabloids, the photographs we display again here.

Mulan seen wearing a tiger stripe motif decorated with feathers encircling the neck and perutnya.Karena not wear tight clothes as when he used to gig and seemed to feathers was present to cover her stomach, then no wonder the middle of the two entities alleged Mulan is getting stronger.

mulan-CT-6Apalagi, until now Mulan still has not met to clarify the news she was pregnant or not.

Having seen these photos, do you think, Mulan pregnant or not?


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