Thursday, 24 February 2011

Skandal Angel Lelga dan Anang

angel lelga playing with aurel at the beach

Lately there was rumor that angel lelga was caught at the beach kuta Bali,  playing with aurel daughter of Anang Hermansyah. This was happend when Anang Hermansyah took shooting on Bali and Apparently they was meet with Angel Lelga there. I dont know for sure with this news but we can see that angel lelga was wearing Bikini and someone was shoot them with camera, the photos right now are spread wide on internet.

Anang management was speak that this happend in november – december 2010 and she still didnt know who takes this  candid camera pictures.

angel lelga dan Anang hermansyah

Angel Lelga was singer and the ex of wife Rhoma Irama Dangdut singer while anang hermansyah also singer and song composer, maybe angel lelga want to take this chance from  anang popularity, we know that Anang right now was having busy with their debut album with his daughter Aurel with new song “Tanpa Bintang”

aurel give angel lelga big hugthat was nice shoot

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