Saturday, 26 February 2011

Mulan Jameela Melahirkan | Mulan Melahirkan

Gosip Mulan Jameela melahirkan world of infotainment is indeed horrendous, even Mulan Jameela news delivery has become a byword central Indonesian artists. The news spread Mulan has given birth to her third child at Pondok Indah Hospital yesterday on saturday february 26, 2011 around 1pm.

It seemed to bear this news mulan very hidden and secret, but that is in question and the suspicion is there are few sources from Pondok Indah hospital was that there were patients who had the initials W but the source was evasive when the initial W is Mulan, he asserted, "No name or Wulansari Mulan. "Well, who became suspicions Mulun Jameela Khan's real name is actually a Wulansari.

And the second is from watchlist suspicion Seconds reporters at the residence located in the region Mulan Pinang Mas, Pondok Indah, Saturday (26 February 2011) afternoon, the house is empty without occupants. An Alphard car with license plate number B 8999 IG entered the garage of the house. Seen from inside the car seems a pair of men's and women's old age is a parent who allegedly Mulan Jameela. Assistant Mulan was accompanying them. Meanwhile, Mulan's residence as there are no residents at all.

Reportedly, to date the singer of hits 'Sexiest creature God' is still in the hospital for treatment after birth. Is the news giving birth Mulan is true or just mere gossip? But why the issue of maternity Mulan has been getting stronger and horrendous with the suspicion of the truth that Mulan delivery.

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