Friday, 14 January 2011

4 Ways To Tell If Your Affiliate

Now that I've got your attention, let's go through some key components of making your affiliate program attractive to affiliates, so they don't start shopping around.

1. Reputations are on the Line.

Of course, number one is quality. Do you have quality products and customer service? An affiliate's reputation is on the line every time we consider promoting a product or service. If your products are junk or you're making our referrals upset in any way – we'll drop you faster than something *really* hot.

2. Lay the Money on the Table.

It's not just about the percentage commission. That won't motivate and make loyal affiliates, but, it is a start. Are you talking 5%? Then, unless you offer millions of products at great prices and have a solid reputation, you're not going to be getting a whole lot of affiliates.

3. Who's getting credit?

Show your affiliates that you value them by setting long cookies and they'll keep sending you traffic. How long are your cookies? The longer the better.

4. Closing the Deal.

If your affiliates are sending you traffic, I hope you have a newsletter (or ecourse) on that sales page for two reasons. 1. It means you're smart and know how internet marketing works, and 2. It means that the affiliates get more than one chance to close the deal, because you're going to be following up with the lead and closing the sale for us. This shows us that you take your business seriously – a very important indicator

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