Friday, 14 January 2011

Enjoy Laptop on Cruise

We all know that, and apparently cruise lines know that too.

That is the reason why they put a lot of effort into facilities and services that will cover information technology needs of passengers.

For many people it is enough just to exchange few emails with their families or friends during vacation and they can do that from internet café located either on the ship or in the port.

However, there are a certain number of cruisers that don't want to separate from their laptops even during their precious vacation time on ship. This could be for various reasons: catching-up their work if needed, keeping on internet activities or games or having access to personal files such are photos or videos,etc...

There are some things to keep in mind when you decide to bring laptop to cruise:

Before booking check with cruise line or travel agent is there and what kind of internet access is available on ship. That really depends from one ship to another.

Few scenarios are possible:

• No internet access at all, in this case you can use your laptop in your cabin or anywhere else but only offline

• Internet access trough ship's local area network, you will need network cable to connect and probably ship's IT personnel to help you with setup

• WI-FI access is best and most comfortable solution, available mostly on new, modern ships. You can use your laptop wherever you want, in your cabin or in any public area where WI-FI signal is present. Of course, your model needs to have wireless access antenna to use this feature.

Note that lines charge internet access and it's usually not included in fare. Prices may vary and you better check them in advanced.

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