Friday, 11 February 2011

Artav Antivirus | Download Antivirus Artav

Antivirus Artav – Antivirus ArtavThis is often dubbed as the antivirus SMP Bandung, where Artav Antivirus is the result of work of students who are new kids in junior high that comes from the city of Bandung. Antivirus Artav was created by junior high student named Arrival Taufik. The first time it created Artav Antivirus distributed to his friends and family, who then disseminated through the FB.

Antivirus Artav Apparently this much sought after by the people of Indonesia and abroad. Where is a good enough response from the community and to date has more than 26,267 times the anti-virus called Artav it is downloaded to computer users. And users can get download for free through the FB.

After several users share and download the antivirus artav, many users who were satisfied with the security system in antiviral artav contained, among other advantages antivirus is a simple graphical display and support data base that continues to-date virus makes it a lot Artav Anti-Virus downloaded. And on Main (Interface) using the display as a Color Black Color Determination of Default, Uninstall Repair Program, and for Changes in the Code Double Checksum (CRC32 and MD5.

Also antivirus Artav also has the ability nearly equal to the famous and most popular anti-virus today, for example antivirus smadav. Security features that belong to antivirus Artav almost the same advantages with antivirus smadav 2011 and also no system and antivirus updates antivirus Enhancements Artav as below:

• Change Main Display
• Setting the Default Color Black As ARTAV
• Additional 53 Variant Viruses
• Additional Inspection Report Form
• Improved Uninstall Not Clean
• Improved ART-AnKey, algorithmic code to fool a Keylogger
• Improved Features NOD32 Detect Generic Trojan Virus

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