Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Foto Bikini Angel Lelga dan Aurelle in Beach

Foto Angel Lelga di pantai | on the beach | Photo Hot Angel Lelga by wearing a bikini is indeed worthy of the subject of the latest gossip. Because when the paparazzi get those bikini photos Lelga Angel, Angel Lelga seen photos but do not currently own a new joint ananda child named Aurelle. In the photo Angel Lelga and Aurelle the new look they are both really fun disebuah beach.

And the question about the hot hot photo is what Lelga Angel Angel Lelga photo is a marked existence of closeness between father Aurelle, Anand with the Rhoma Irama widow siri it?. Here are the results of interviews with managers Yuni related ananda Angel Lelga these bikini photos, "the photos were indeed Angel and Aurelle. But they are not on vacation together, but met by accident. "
And when diwawacarai, Yuni was denied when Angel was close to Anand. According to him, the incident is just a coincidence. Tuesday, February 1, 2011, "We had met Angel in there the same management that more filming in Bali, it happened to meet at the beach," said manager ananda yuni as infotainment reporters when contacted about the release of photos - photos Hot Angel dressed in a bikini on the beach Lelga

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