Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Honeycomb Features to Get Added to Android 2.4

The new version of the egg is built with the name of the branch and should GRI17 new features focused render Script acceleration and although many of the best features developed for the tablet only, of course, include omitted.

He told us that Google fragments using Android 3.0, so that applications such as e-mail to other elements, such as side wall and retrieve the preview to make it better for a larger screen. Android 2.4 may also work with fragments and use versions of the honeycomb, but the fragments designed for the big screen work.

No one knows when Android 2.4 Start but between 6 to 10 months since the launch of gingerbread, which was launched in December to life, perhaps somewhere from May to September can expect a version is estimated to 2.4.

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